Manage Plesk on the Go: Introducing Plesk Mobile for Android

These days, smartphones help us to make business work faster and support our customers from anywhere. Plesk is growing ever more smartphone friendly. In Plesk 12.0, we made the Power User Panel adaptive to the monitor size of the user’s device. In Plesk 12.5, the Service Provider Panel also became adaptive. But internet connection is […]


Plesk 12.5 RTM

Plesk 12.5 is already available for installation as an  early adopter release.  It is stable enough, so you can install it and try the new features. There are a lot of new interesting features: Improved database management Improved PHP management Incremental backup & other improvements of backup system Self-repair tools and many other things… As usual, […]


Adding Custom PHP Modules in Plesk

In Plesk 12.5, we have delivered a number of long-requested features and improvements in regard to PHP management. Multiple PHP versions out of the box? Check. PHP-FPM support? Yup. Support for PHP accelerators that drastically improve the performance of websites written in PHP? We got that. These improvements – and many more besides – are […]


How to Write Your Own Utilities Using Plesk API-RPC and CLI

Every now and then the Plesk development team gets requests to expand the functionality of existing command line utilities or to add new ones. We try to take such requests into account, but, seeing as major Plesk releases only happen roughly once a year, many months may pass before a customer’s vision becomes a reality. […]

Protecting Your WordPress Installations With Fail2ban

There is no two ways about it: having your server compromised sucks. Seeing your website defaced or infected with malicious scripts feels like a punch in the gut. Did you know that modern brute force tools can test millions of passwords per second? It takes around 15 minutes to crack an average password (eight symbols […]

Statistics in Plesk

As they say, there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. We need not concern ourselves with the former, but the latter might be of interest; specifically, statistics in Parallels Plesk. On the surface, the concept appears to be simple enough – it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out […]