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Plesk and Node.js


During the last few years, Node.js has been steadily growing in popularity. On top of that, according to StackOverflow, JavaScript is today’s most popular programming language. If you are a Node.js developer, you may be curious whether it is possible to host Node.js apps on Plesk. The short answer is “yes, it’s possible”. In this […]

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Plesk 12.5 to 17 – A matter of dyscalculia @Plesk?

Long, long time ago we released Plesk 1.0 and just continued counting the versions and redevelopments in the following years. 2015 has been the year of the Plesk 12.5 launch and the upcoming release has to be Plesk 13, no doubt. Really? The new preview has arrived! Plesk lovers and followers are already enjoying access […]

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HTTP/2 & Let’s Encrypt for WordPress

Our web blog is now meeting the latest security standards and making it HTTP2-ready is easier than you think. Here’s how we switched our web blog ( running on Plesk + NGINX to HTTPS and made it HTTP/2-ready with a free, SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Before we get into the details a few things […]

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Security in Plesk

Security does matter! Protecting your sites from malicious attacks and preventing loss of sensitive data is a top priority for us. Plesk already provides a comprehensive set of standard security settings to start with but are you aware what the advanced security tools can do to further enhance security levels?

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White Label DNS with Amazon Route53

Running a shared hosting business can be a challenging and fulfilling occupation, but it does come with its share of headaches. Having hundreds of clients means dealing with lots of domain names, usually managed by different registrars and owned by different persons. Today, I’m going to tell you about a success story of one of […]

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Research Day

“Research day is coming” – it has been a year since the team began receiving this message bi-weekly, reminding that it’s time to do something else. When starting the practice of Research Days, we took into account the practices already existing in the market. Thus, LinkedIn, Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. have similar programs that vary […]

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Plesk on Docker

Docker has been a hot topic this year. Modern software should have an option to be installed as a Docker container. Not long ago we have created a Docker image for Plesk. This article describes how to install and use Plesk as a Docker container.

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Gitman: When Plesk meets Git

It doesn’t matter if we develop a tiny website or a huge web portal – someday we have to deploy it to a public web server. Our noble ancestors used to deploy their web projects via FTP or, if they were concerned about security, SFTP. These simple and reliable tools serve us well to this […]

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Let’s Encrypt Plesk

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… just kidding. The premiere of the new Star Wars movie is still over a week away. However, something else exciting happened not at all long ago (December 3rd, to be precise) – the release of the public beta of the Let’s Encrypt service. Why should […]

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